M1 Design and Engineering Services Inc.


M1 Design and Engineering offers reliable and innovative services providing cost-effective solutions. Pressure to control cost along with the unavoidable variations in workload has left many organizations without the resources to manage at the peak workloads.  M1 can help manage these peaks by providing reliable high quality professional work that results in great value for our clients.

Our personnel have developed a reputation for being practical engineers who approach each challenge with the goal of providing innovative and economical solutions.  M1 offers a full range of engineering services and we are interested in participating in projects at various levels of involvement.  In the past our involvement in projects has varied from a limited role such as preparing detail graphics, to an advisory role of reviewing designs and mechanical systems, to full engineering responsibility including designing, detailing and working with the fabricator to complete the project.

M1 believes that communication and attention to detail provides for a consistent high-quality service that results in overall customer satisfaction.

Our company and personnel are an extremely versatile organization which is eager to accept any new challenge that utilizes our engineering skills.