Our Projects

Our Projects

Detail Engineering and Layouts

Piping Systems

Experienced with both ASME , AWWA and high temperature/ high pressure applications. Including piping isometric, spool drawings, support details and flexibility analysis.

Example Project: BFG Fired Boiler Dofasco Hamilton

Plant and Equipment Layouts

2D / 3D modeling of equipment layouts for new or modifications to existing installations. Optimizing the layout while considering clearance / access requirement on all equipment.

Example Project: Unilock Plant 3 Ayr, Ontario

Material Handling and Bins

Experienced laying out and designing material handling systems and structural support for systems including conveyors, material receiving bins, hoppers, and support structures.

Example Project: Unilock Plant 3 Ayr, Ontario

Lifting Systems

Custom design of monorails, jib crane and lifting devices for new or adapted to existing structures. Review of lifting procedures and structural integrity of equipment during construction / erection and for permanent maintenance systems.

Example Project: Duke Energy East Bend KY.

Integrated Modules

Shop fabricated assemblies that incorporate piping, valves, tanks, instruments enclosures, power and control cable tray routing , and support / access frames completed in a stand-alone module. In addition to providing overall arrangement, Integrated Module drawings provides guidance by referring to all required technical information in a single source.

Example Project: Kearl Oil Sands SAG Alberta.