Our Projects

Our Projects

Fabrication & Erection Details

Shop Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication details complete with cut list, BOM, dxf files for burned sections, and erection drawings. Projects include structural steel, platework, miscellaneous architectural, and any challenges we are presented with.
Projects have been based on structural/architectural drawings or concept sketches and working with fabricator to develop design

Miscellaneous Metal

Railings, pour stop angles and embedment, small supporting structures, sill angles, miscellaneous support metal for mechanical and electrical work, etc.

Connection Design or Review

Professional engineer review of connection design and develop custom connections. Experienced with axial bracing, shear, and moment connections.

Access and Platforms

Experience with ladders, stairs guard/handrail for industrial , commercial or residential applications. Includes custom design of platforms for access in difficult areas or unique features such as retractable platforms

2 or 3-Dimensional Modeling

Projects are completed in either 2D or 3D models usually contingent on the complexity of the model. Large projects benefit from automated assistance with connection design, part drawing and BOM generation.