Our Projects

Our Projects

PJFF / ESP / Ducting Systems

New Pulse Jet Fabric Filter (PJFF)

Over 20 years’ experience designing PJFF/baghouses. Walk in plenum or hatch cover style tube sheet access. Experienced with both large, built in situ with shared walls between compartments and industrial units are typically module style, each cell is a stand-alone compartment.

Largest Project: Hawthorne, Kansas City, MO
4 rows of 5 cells / 13520 bags (10 meter)
Largest Industrial: Burgess Bioplant , Berlin NH
Cell 15’ x 28’ (split into 2 modules for shipping). 2 rows of 3 cells / 3876 bags (8 meter)

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)

Over 10 years’ experience, design of new ESP. Projects in Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, and Europe. Completed multiple projects in which one or several fields replaced/updated with new internals and supporting casing. These include projects with an emphasis on modular design to minimize field installation costs.

Most Interesting Retrofit: Duke Energy East Bend KY.

Conversion Pulse Jet Fabric Filter (PJFF)

Experience with several projects, new PJFF converted from existing ESP by reusing some or all existing base support steel, hoppers and shell casing from existing ESP.

Most challenging project: Eastman Chemical, Kingsport, TN Reused existing steel, hoppers and casing.

Ducts and Manifolds ( PJFF and ESP)

Over 20 years’ experience with ducting systems for power plant and industrial applications. Includes nozzles, manifolds, flow straighteners/turning vanes and interconnecting ducting for controlling gas flow into and out of the equipment.

Largest Project: Lambton and Nanticoke, GS Ontario Canada. Support and stiffening design of ducting, shop fabrication drawings and erection model.

Complete Structural Scope for PJFF and ESP

Scope in addition to the PJFF or ESP is often required to complete the system. It is beneficial to include these items with the PJFF/ESP engineering to minimize interface points and ensure criteria such as thermal expansion is considered.

Project with Comprehensive Scope: PAZ Ashdod Refinery. New ESP with interconnecting ducting from existing system and to stack. With associated equipment support and maintenance access including three ducting support towers, ECP control container, hopper access and main ESP stair tower.